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We have no doubt that it’s worth taking time out of your business to become better at managing it ( in fact we guarantee it).  But that doesn’t mean we should be the ones telling you when that time should be.  Perhaps your experience up to now is to have a calendar presented with a few choices on it and you are free to pick one.  Quite possibly, none of those options are good for you and it comes down to choosing the least inconvenient.  We don’t think it needs to be that way.  If you have seen a course on this website that might work for you, then tell us what time and place can also work for you.  If others in your area join the conversation we’ll look for a time that works then we’ll bring the program to you.

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    • Steve Ryan

      Easily done. If you have specific dates in mind, let us hear them, or else let’s see if who else might be interested from your end of the province.
      Just as a reminder, the course requires about 20 hours of class time. That would be roughly 2 and a half days.


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