Let’s take a guess at what your typical day as a construction professional is like.  Between plowing through a mountain of paperwork, and then juggling the demands of a lot of other people who seem to have an interest in what you do, you have to find a way to do the real work of getting something sold and built.

We get it.  We think we can help, but let’s start by putting things in perspective.  The one who will make your business a success is you;  not us, nor anyone else coming to you with advice.  Your instincts might tell you that success is built on guts, determination, and willingness to take a chance on yourself.  Your instincts are right.  But those are qualities you need to have at the outset.  You can’t learn them on the fly and if you haven’t got it for yourself you can’t hire it in.

So what’s our point then, are we saying it’s all up to you?

Not really.  What we’re saying is that if you bring those crucial qualities to your business then don’t let the things we call “management” or “administration” undermine you.  We don’t recommend that you ignore them (well not all of them).  But you can learn, and a lot of that learning can happen quickly.  When you understand it, you can target where to put priorities, organize to get things done efficiently, and judge when and where to commit your time.  The goal isn’t to make you more of an administrator, it’s about setting up to spend less time running an office and more time getting things built.