Construction Business Basics exists to help business owners in the building trades MANAGE BETTER.

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About You

Let’s take a guess at what your typical day as a construction professional is like.

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What's Going to Change?

If you invest your money, and (more importantly) your time with us to step up your management game, what’s that going to do for you?

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Courses continue to be live webinars.   Return to classroom sessions will be determined in the near future. These are not pre-recorded slide shows.  Seminars are presented with instructor present to respond to questions or clarification.

Managing Construction Job Costs: July 13-14, 2022 (half days 1:00-4:00), Hosted by The Construction Institute of Canada

Note that this is a professional development course for all branches of the construction industry.  The course earns credit toward Gold Seal certification but it is not part of core competency requirements for builder licensing with the HCRA of Ontario. For information or to enroll follow the link below to The Construction Institute of Canada.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TARION PROCEDURES, Monday & Wednesday June 13 & 15, 2022

FINANCIAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT, Tuesday, Wednesday May 31-June 1, 2022

BUSINESS PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT,   Tuesday, Wednesday June 7-8, 2022



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Commencing  February 1, 2021, a new licensing process applies to those building or selling new homes in Ontario.  This license will be issued by a new agency, the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA).  Tarion will continue to administer new home warranties and provide warranty insurance.  Here too, new rules and procedures are in effect. Compliance with both agencies is required by law.  Learn more here:

HCRA licensing will require the same seven competency standards as previously required for Tarion builder registration.  Courses from MMI Professional Services have been updated and meet HCRA’s competency requirements for builder license applicants.


This site is for contractors from all building trades.   We exist to help you get past the distractions of business administration and back on the job of getting things built.  We teach the basics of running a business in quick, common sense courses that focus on the particular needs of the building industry.  We do that because whether you are builder, a general or a specific trade contractor, the demands of general management can hold you back.  You lose time on confusing and unfamiliar tasks instead of adding value with the skills you know best.

The complexities of running a business are here to stay and they are more demanding for the building trades than for most other industries.  You can’t simply ignore them, but to tackle them you might need common sense answers to some straightforward questions.  Construction Business Basics is a short path to understanding the business side of the construction industry.  We help you get those common sense answers while focussing on the one question that matters most:

How does your company benefit from any of it?

Because ultimately this is only a business when something is being built, and not too many buildings have gone up by pushing more paper around.

We invite you to look over the material on this website.  See what works for you and when you really want to get down to business look into the available courses.  If you have questions or comments please let us have them.  We will get back to you, but we promise you this:  We’ll only contact you if you ask us to.  We don’t track visitors to the website.  We don’t share any information about you.   We don’t put you on newsletters, email blasts or any other distribution lists.  So feel free to look around and see what you can accomplish