By now we have made few statements that are at the core of what we do at Construction Business Basics:

  • This is about you running YOUR business better, not about how to do things our way;
  • We’re big on common sense, but the test of that is whether it makes sense to you;
  • We want your time with us to translate into improvements in your business now, as well as into the future;

But those are just words on a page.  It’s easy to make promises about putting your interests first.  Almost everyone does it.  Most mean it.  But the only real test of those promises is how you feel about the result.  Unfortunately nobody will know the answer to that until you get to the result.  So how much can you count on promises?

Well here’s how strongly we feel about how you would answer that question.

Our Guarantee to you:

If you join one of our courses and decide it isn’t what you need, you don’t pay.  We’re not saying you get your money back.  We won’t take it in the first place.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for a course we have to ask for a deposit.  That’s the only way to protect others from being shut out of available spots.  When you attend the course you have until the half-way point to decide whether it delivers on the promises.  If it does, we collect the remainder of the fees.  If It doesn’t and you choose not to attend any more of the sessions, simply let us know.  We won’t ask for anything more, and we’ll refund your deposit.

Like any reputable supplier, we want you to be sure you receive value, but we’ve also got a slightly different view of things.  When you sign up for our course we understand that we are asking you to make a bet; that the promise of value will be fulfilled.  It seems fair then for us to bet on you, that you are sincere enough, and dedicated enough to your business that when we present you with the tools to step up, you will.

We’re also pretty confident that once you get some insight into how your business can be run, you will simply want more and guarantees won’t be all that important to you from that point.