The seventh and final education requirement to become a licensed new home builder with the Ontario Home Construction Regulatory Authority.  This course will provide you with the required HCRA credit for this subject area.  We lay out what the new home warranty requires and Tarion’s process for administering and enforcing this.  We explain how the builder engages with Tarion at the individual project level.  We will clarify step-by-step what you as a builder need to do to comply with your legal obligation under Ontario’s legislation for new home builders to provide warranty coverage.

Both the HCRA and Tarion incorporates Customer Service in this education module for a good reason. The foundation for success for any builder depends on customer satisfaction.  The subject touches virtually any contact you have with customers, and anything you produce for them.  Since most builders look to referrals as a critical source of new business, Customer Satisfaction is effectively your primary marketing tool.  To do that job for you, it needs to be embedded in all that you and your employees do.  We will explore how you as an owner can make that happen without having it draw you in as the one who has to do all the work.

This is a 16 hour classroom course presented over two full days of live, interactive presentations.  The exam required for HCRA certification is offered at the end of day 2.  Examination fees are included in the basic course tuition.

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