This takes the place of what you more commonly see as a “Privacy Statement”.  We think privacy is just one element of a broader commitment to respect anyone we connect with.

We will respect your privacy:

We will only use your Information to communicate with you regarding the specific course you are considering.  Beyond that, unless you provide specific permission, no one will access your information again.  That includes us.  No spam, no ongoing promotions, no surveys.  We feel that if you want to hear from us, you can let us know.

We respect the unique challenges you face in the building industry:

This isn’t a standardized business program with some construction phrases thrown in. Our courses are specific to the industry.  They were developed by people in the industry.  They focus on the challenges and priorities builders need to deal with.  We recognize that you need things you can act on now and everything we do is aimed at helping you make that happen.

We respect what you know:

Our courses are in a class room setting.  You will be among others in the building industry.  We know you can gain as much by sharing experiences with your peers as you will from the course material.  We also recognize that you might want to know who will be in the room with you.  We can’t post names but you can find out ahead of time what types of trades, or builders will be in the room with you.

We respect what you have already accomplished:

It was already said that this isn’t a standardized “how to do business” program.  You won’t be told that your business must fit anyone’s blueprint.  We don’t think you need to be “told” how or what to do.  We present business management principles.  We work through how they might be applied to your situation, but we think you are the best judge of what you should or shouldn’t take action on.

We respect your time:

You will hear it repeated often, the most valuable asset you have is your time.  The payoff for the tools and techniques we discuss will most often be to free you up to add value in more effective ways.  Our sense of how valuable your time is extends to the time you spend with us.  See the terms of guarantee elsewhere on this website to understand how seriously we take that.