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Canadian Contractor Editorial

Feedback from course attendees:

“Hi Steve I just want to let your know that I did get registered with Tarion and I’m starting to build my first two houses in the coming months. Thank you so much for your classes they were very effective in my customer service package I had to make to show the Tarion representative. Take care”

P. Deroo, Woodstock

“Thanks Steve,
I enjoyed learning under your teaching. The information you provided made me think and plan so much more intelligently which will help me face the challenges  ….
I feel the courses you provided are going to help me grow stronger and more profitable and thus able to better manage through the stormy waters ahead.”
D. Beeman
Cheresh Millworking and GC
“….I really appreciate what you taught me and did for me in your 3 courses. I did learn Many new ways to solve daily problems and has made me even more knowledgeable and successful.
Thank you and it’s been amazing”
N. Rama
HNM Construction INC.
“Thanks Steve.   I didn’t get a chance to personally thank you after the exam, so thank you!  I thought you did an excellent job of all three courses.  No matter how much you think you know, you can always learn more and I thought the courses were very beneficial. “
S. Paterson, Whitby

“Hi Steve,

Thanks again for the training. You are a great instructor and I wish you offered the balance of courses required to register with Tarion.”

George Andreoglou, Westlake Homes


“Hello Steve … I thought the course was gonna be regular school style sit there and stare at slides but it was complete opposite. I think in these 2 day i learned more about Tarion and customer service then 20 phone calls to Tarion and 5 years of building project managing etc. Course was well worth the money and your explanation and knowledge was amazing. Thank you”

Nik Miskovic, Warm Homes, Hamilton

“Hey Steve,

Great class, I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed the learning atmosphere.

….I would highly recommend your course to anyone pursuing their registration.


Thanks for the test results, I was shooting for 100 but can’t complain about a 97 (haha).  My score is a testament to how well you explained the concepts.”

C. Sellers, Minesing

“…Thank you very much.

I really enjoyed these two days and learned wealth of information. Really liked your teaching method and look forward to meet you on the next class.”

Y. Somalingam.  (Toronto)


“…I have to say how great you have been to deal with. I really enjoy your classes & your ways of doing things.

In 28 years in real estate sales, I have met many trainers & speakers & you certainly are one of the best I have met. They don’t make guys like you ever day.”

J. Southwell.  (Ottawa)


“Thanks again for everything. We had a great class and you are such a great instructor.

We are up for the August class.

Thanks again and have a goodnight.”

 Ram A. (Richmond Hill)


“Thanks for your kind patient and help, that  is really happy time for me
even (though) the schedule is tight.  … if you can provide the other courses, I would like to introduce friends to join in.”

Lei Z. (Toronto)