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We’re not talking about the armchair experts who learned it all from home improvement shows.  The fact is that too few customers can choose the best contractor for them because they don’t know what makes a good contractor. That’s one reason so many mistake the lowest price for the best price.  Part of our mission at MMI is to change that.  We think a customer who knows how to assess professionalism is also a customer who can see the distinction between value and price.  We think a customer who is more confident in their choice of contractor will find it easier to  “stay in their lane” and let you do your work.  We think that a customer who understands their obligations to make a project run smoothly will be easier to work with and ultimately much happier with the result.  Clearly we have an opinion, but we want to hear yours.  Tell us what you think consumers need to learn so that they can work with you more effectively.  We’ll take that message to the public in education seminars dedicated to that purpose.

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