Construction Business Basics courses address three main areas of management for the building industry:

General Management and Business Practice:

This course defines the role of company leader.  We work through the reasons and methods of working toward long-term objectives.  We develop a business structure, and systems of management and control  to support those objectives.  Finally we show how owners can use their organization to cover administrative tasks and external demands without their constant attention.  The primary objective is to free the business leader from background chores, and turn their focus to more critical, valuable work.

For Tarion-registered builders:  This course fulfills  the education requirement in  Business Planning and Management          (Tarion exam requires additional half day)

Financial Management:

As a business owner, your gaps in General Management cost you time, frustration and distraction.  But gaps in Financial Management cost you through lower profitability, cash shortfalls, and undue pressure from customers, suppliers and the tax man.  In this course we provide the tools to keep up with your day-to-day financial status.  More than this, we show how to manage profitability, and plan the future with more confidence.  We explain the way accountants look at a business, why that matters to you, and we decipher the language they use.    The objectives of this course are to show owners how to track their money, how plan the financial needs of the business and be more confident in future results.

For Tarion-registered builders:  This course fulfills  the education requirement in  Financial  Planning and Management       (Tarion exam requires additional half day)

Customer Service and Warranty:

The foundation for success for any builder depends on customer satisfaction.  The subject touches virtually any contact you have with customers, and anything you produce for them.  Since most builders look to referrals as a critical source of new business, Customer Satisfaction is effectively your primary marketing tool.  To do that job for you, it needs to be embedded in all that you and your employees do.  We will explore how you as an owner can make that happen without having it draw you in as the one who has to do all the work.

This course is a required element for New Home Builders in Ontario and devotes significant time to the regulations in this province.  The broader demands and methods for delivering customer satisfaction are applicable across the building industry, but if you are not active as a new home builder in Ontario, contact MMI directly to discuss whether a modified program would be more suitable.


Fee Structure

Fees for each course are $650.00 (+ HST).    A deposit of $100.00 (+HST) is required at time of enrollment.

Courses are generally scheduled for two consecutive weekdays.

Evening (six weeknight sessions) and weekends will be offered where demand exists.

For clients choosing to host and manage the attendee list, fixed cost options are available.