MMI is a Tarion-approved training provider for the following builder registration requirements:

-Financial Planning and Management

-Business Planning and Management

-Customer Service and Tarion Warranty Requirements

Builders of new homes in Ontario must be registered under the Tarion New Home Warranty Program.  Since September 2015, that registration requires demonstrated competency in seven specified areas of construction management.  In most cases, establishing that level of competency will require successful completion of approved training courses in each area of study.

For a broader understanding of Tarion and their general training and registration requirements, go to

For details of MMI’s Tarion-approved Financial Planning and Management,  Business Planning and Management, or Customer Service and Warranty courses see the corresponding tab under this subject, or view the general course calendar under the “Sign-up” tab on this website.

Courses can be taken in any order.

Ninety percent of attendees choose to return for second course.

First course attended  $650+HST . Second course $550+HST.  Fees include Tarion examination/certificate