Guarantees are fine but we don’t think you should be all that impressed by one.  Your time with us should be an investment and a promise that you will simply break-even seems like a pretty meagre return on that investment.  So let’s give some thought to where you might profit, not only from the fees but, more importantly the time you invest with us.

Our course fees vary from $650 to $950, depending on which course and when it is taken.  If we can work together to tighten up your operation where can you expect that to pay off?  Here are a few changes you can expect to see.  You know for yourself whether there’s a financial opportunity for you:

  • Understand the selling process better.  Get more work.  Get better work.
  • Get your pricing right.  Leave less money on the table.
  • Manage your contracts better.  Avoid giving things away or walking away from hold-backs.
  • Manage your finances better.  Stop paying interest costs because your money is in other people’s hands.
  • Understand your lawyer, accountant, insurance broker etc…  You can probably pay them less when you do.
  • Know the regulations.  Avoid fines and hassles from those that affect you.  Avoid time wasted on those that don’t.

The point here is that any business has a lot of opportunities to improve performance.  If just one of these is an issue for you, then the dollars and cents part of this decision just isn’t that complicated.

Frankly we think your time investment matters more.  So think about how many evenings and weekends will you lose in the next year to fire-fighting, chasing paper, or number-crunching?  We would like to measure success in weekends.  Spend one with us, and the pay-off should be many more future weekends spent with your family.  That might be more valuable than the dollars and cents part.