Here’s a bit of human nature that most of us share:  We find it hard to justify employing someone to do things we can do for ourselves.  Maybe that applies to you and tuning up your business skills.  Why invest time and money into a training program when so much information and instruction is there for the taking from free resources?

That’s a question you really should consider.  We would rather work with you when you know something about your other options.  If something else is going to do a better job for you, then that’s where we want you to go.  Some people simply need a source of information.  They can help themselves from there.  If you think that describes you, take a look here  Actually, you should take a look no matter how you feel about that question.

This is a Government of Canada website and we think it’s actually pretty good.  It aims to answer questions about running a small to medium sized business.  You’ll learn a few things here….if you have the time to seek out what you want to know.

If this or any other resources get you where you need to go that’s a good thing.  With time, patience and a few wrong turns along the way, it might be all you need.  In the end though, that might be a costly and frustrating path to take.

You might want the opportunity to dig deeper, ask questions or challenge what doesn’t match your reality.  You might want to just get to the point.  You might want more than the opinions of others.  You might want to talk it through.  That’s our thing.  Construction Business Basics is interactive in a classroom.  We want your questions and your opinions.  Above all we want this to make sense to you and the way your business works.