Construction Business Basics exists to help business owners in the building trades MANAGE BETTER.  You didn’t start your company out of fondness for red tape and paperwork.  But you got that burden just the same, and the daily battle is keeping you away from the things you do best.  For you to improve you need to control the distraction and frustration that comes with running a business.  We can help you do that.

That doesn’t mean our mission is to plant you behind a desk.  But when company leaders understand basic business principals and manage their organization better they have more time to spend on their core purpose.  They can be more focussed on their own strengths.  That leads to companies that BUILD BETTER.

Delivering a better product benefits the customer and better management leads to improved profitability.  But there’s more to it than that.  The real reward is quality of life.  In an industry characterized by owners who must work evenings, weekends and holidays doing administration or crisis management, our real value might come from a business that no longer consumes you.  We succeed when our clients can LIVE BETTER.


          …..BUILD BETTER….

                        …..LIVE BETTER.