If you have come to this page, chances are you already know a little about Tarion’s registration process for new home builders.  You may also know something about the Tarion education requirements that are now in place in order to apply for registration as a Vendor Builder.

At MMI we understand the objective of improving the building industry through improving management skills.   More than anything though, we feel the focal point should be your success.  We aren’t satisfied bringing you a course that is just about credentials.  If you invest your time with us, then we want you to come away convinced that your business will benefit.  As with all MMI courses, our satisfaction guarantee applies and you can read about that here  http://mmiproservices.com/about-you/our-guarantee/ .

Making things work for you extends to where and when we stage our courses. At MMI, we are a pretty flexible organization so we want to hear what works for the builders.  Join the discussion here  http://mmiproservices.com/forum/ to help us plan courses in your region that fit your timing.  Courses run roughly 20 hours of class time. That is typically over two and a half days.  Weekend sessions are possible and in some Ontario cities we can run the course over six evening sessions.

Tarion education standards were put in place in September 2015 and MMI has been adapting programs since that time to deliver what you need to meet the Tarion requirements.  At this time, MMI courses are approved by Tarion in Business Planning and Management,  Financial Planning and Management.  and Customer Service and Tarion Warranty Requirements.  If you have questions or if you want to talk things over more directly call us at 647 998 7722, or email us at info@mmiproservices.com.  Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.