What Makes Us Think We’re Different

Let’s face it, advice on how to run a business isn’t very hard to come by.  Two minutes on an internet search engine will turn up more information than you could get through in a month.   Most government service offices have mountains of literature on how to run a small business, and it’s all free.  What makes us think we have answers you couldn’t find in those other places?

There are two responses to that question.


  • Unless you have time on your hands, the challenge isn’t where to get information, it’s how to get the relevant information out from among the tidal wave that is available to you.    Somewhere among the thousands of web-search results is your answer, but you may have to read through a lot that doesn’t matter to you in order to find it.  You probably have straightforward questions that want straightforward answers.


The text book advice doesn’t represent the building industry.    Most of the material that is written for independent enterprise is tailored to conventional  business.  It doesn’t address some of the unique demands of the building industry, where the most difficult management challenges lie, like:

  • Managing across wide-ranging job sites
  • Workers who may not be under routine supervision
  • Government/regulatory demands that can choke a business with record-keeping and documentation.
  • Uncertainties from weather to sub-trade performance
  • Project-based work where payment can follow weeks or months after the actual sale is made.

So we address the world you live in.  Does that make us unique?

Not entirely.  There are other places you can go for direction or advice, like business coaches, or peer groups.  These exist with a clear focus on the industry.  In fact, we think that type of guidance can bring great benefits to many businesses in the building trades.   But you might not want someone in your hip-pocket just now.  Some of your questions or your uncertainties might want straightforward answers.  Before setting off down the complex path of analysing your business you might want to gain an understanding of what makes any business tick.   With a better understanding of the functions that make up any business, you can make better judgments on where (or even whether) your business needs more attention.

Above all though, we think that you can accomplish a lot and we think you can do it quickly.  Our conviction is that if you’re willing to invest the time and the fees to attend one of our courses, you need to see a benefit the first day back on the job, and continue to see benefits from there.  See our guarantee statement to gauge how seriously we take that conviction.

We aren’t the only source of advice.  Quite possibly we aren’t the last source of advice you’ll need or want.  We will give you direction you can act on now.  We will help you sort your priorities, answer some nagging questions, and help you focus on where you need to be in the business.  We will take the witchcraft out of basic business management.  You will know your business better after two days with us.

Our Mission
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