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You may have heard the phrase VISION / MISSION / VALUES and the notion that all organizations must define how these three things relate to their own operation.  As an organization that presumes to advise people on how to run a business, you might think we would be big on that concept as well, and we are …. up to a point.

Without getting too deep into the high concept stuff, there is a reason for all of this.  It is helpful to have a clear statement of:

  • What you aim to accomplish as an organization (your vision)
  • How your organization contributes to a broader community (your mission)
  • Why doing that is important to you (your values)

It’s true that this can all come out sounding like just a public relations ploy to convince the world you’re a good guy.  There is more to it than that though.  Knowing these things clearly in your own mind provides you with a filter to help you keep priorities in order and make better decisions from day to day.  When your employees, and vendor partners understand how you view the big picture they understand better how to apply their own efforts.  In short, your team functions better when you have told them where the goal posts are.

Having said all that, let’s recognize one big issue.  Way too often the quest to define VISION/MISSION/VALUES slides into a frustrating exercise in moving words around on the page.  Entire consulting organizations have been built around getting the phrases just right.

As for us, if VISION/MISSION/VALUES are a “filter” that guides decision making in an organization, we like to be sure there is another “filter” just as important and just as universal.  You’ve already seen it by now and it will come up time and again in the things we present.  COMMON SENSE, must be a guide in how you build your organization, and common sense tells us that this should be the last time we mention VISION/MISSION/VALUES.

As important as these concepts are, we aren’t about “concepts” or agonizing over how you phrase something.  Let’s be clear, you do need to define what you want your business to accomplish, how you provide value, and what your core ethics are.  But if you know those things in your gut, we don’t think your most important project right now is to find just the right words to put them up on a poster.

So what about us?  Can we articulate our VISION, MISSION & VALUES to you?

Well if we’re asking you to trust our judgment and take our advice, yes it’s probably pretty important that we can give you clear and concise explanation of why our organization exists, so here goes:

VISION: We are founded on the belief that the biggest obstacle to success or improvement for many operators in the building/construction is a gap in the skills or understanding of business principals.  We exist to help operators in the industry MANAGE BETTER.

MISSION: We believe that company leaders who are less distracted by administration and more focussed on their own core strengths will result in a companies that will BUILD BETTER.

VALUES: We recognize that delivering a better product benefits the customer and better management will usually lead to improved profitability.  But more than this, we believe the greatest impact is quality of life.  In an industry characterized by owner-operators who must work evenings, weekends and holidays doing administration or on crisis management, the greatest value we can contribute to our client is a business that no longer consumes them.  We succeed when our client can LIVE BETTER.

Our Mission

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