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In an ideal world there wouldn’t be a need for companies like ours.  As a contractor you could focus on putting up a quality building for a fair price in a reasonable time frame.  You wouldn’t need advice or training on how to deal with “Business Administration”.  Most of us can accept that this is the real world though, and there is a lot more to building than what happens on the job site.  Most of us are OK with that too.  We can see how better management of finances, people, and operations creates benefits.  But living in the real world shouldn’t mean we endure the ever-growing burden of government regulation and compliance.

Believe it or not, there are people in government who agree with you.  But if you want them to fight those battles on your behalf then they need to hear from you.

Take a moment to read these articles

And if you are in Ontario, take the time to go here and make a statement.

We may love to complain among ourselves about how over-regulated we are, but the fact is YOU need to let our legislators hear it too.  They have put the opportunity out there for Ontario business to comment on how red tape is killing us.  If collectively we can’t help them understand the problem, then the inevitable conclusion will be that there is no problem.  And nothing will improve.

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